Aliens & Abductions

Pictures of abduction experiences and alien encounters. The drawings are from our forum members, who also comment on their stories in the subtitles.

The new, updated German version of the gallery can be found here:
Die neue, aktualisierte deutsche Version der Galerie ist hier zu finden:
Aliens & Entführungen

An Accidental Astral Visitation – Drawing Too Much Attention

Bild 28 von 28

The accidental trip to the Greys didn’t just upset dani - four small Grey beings jumped up in surprise and stared at her. After a few moments, several large and medium-sized beings rushed into the room. They seemed unable to make sense of dani's presence. Now dani felt like an alien herself. One of the beings tried to pull her away from the blue sphere and towards one of the entrances. Only when a familiar Gray from earlier experiences entered the room did the situation relax. During a brief telepathic exchange, the being spoke about the sphere and gave it a specific name, which she could not remember afterwards. The astral state became unstable and dani found herself back in bed.

Some of the images are presented in a video with music by John Akhen:

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