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This is a place for selected articles and alien abduction reports, translated into english for our non-german readers. Hopefully we can expand this section in the future.

Aliens & Abductions

Pictures of abduction experiences and alien encounters. The drawings are from our forum members, who also comment on their stories in the subtitles.

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Aliens & Entführungen

Alien Aboard

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Description by Ford: "In the following picture I tried to represent an alien as good and detailed as possible, as I remember it. I have also reproduced the skin color and the background light as accurately as possible. Often, the descriptions speak of a bright yellowish or orange light. I can confirm that. On board of flying saucers, the lighting is often bright white, sunny yellow, orange-brown (I can't describe it any better, it looks so strange) or pitch black. That's how I remember it."

Some of the images are presented in a video with music by John Akhen:

stalker: My abduction experiences

Due to the amount of my abduction experiences I can only give a brief impression about the things that have happened throughout my life and still continue to do so. I hope that my testimony may be valuable to someone out there and can provide help for those who find themselves in a similar situation.

The Turning Point

At the age of 15, I have been confronted  with the „secret life“ I presumably had been leading since I was born, without my conscious mind ever noticing it. School vacation had just begun at the time of Pentecost in 1996, but I couldn’t quite enjoy my free time as a result of several nocturnal occurrences which had left me in deep confusion about their nature. I couldn’t refer to them as mere dreams as they seemed absolutely realistic to me, like they had actually taken place the during the night. One of these occurrences had a high emotional impact on me. I remember how I got up at night, following an inner compulsion to leave my bedroom. It was a very strange action because I actually did not want to leave the room; I even was afraid to do so. And yet I had to go, as if I was acting in some kind of trance, and my thinking processes had been narrowed down in some way.

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