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This is a place for selected articles and alien abduction reports, translated into english for our non-german readers. Hopefully we can expand this section in the future.

Part 4: Nephew: „Do you always have dreams like this too?“

Around the year 2007/2008 I had confusing dreams in which aliens appeared and in which I rode up elevators and entered a building in which spiral staircases led clockwise upwards. I saw my nephew in these dreams, with whom I had little other contact.

I couldn’t do much with these dreams and I didn’t have clear memories like the kidnapping at the age of 11. So I didn’t make much of it. It was probably nothing, I guessed. But I said to myself, if it has to do with aliens and you really do meet your nephew up there, no matter whether you remember those encounters in the morning or not. Every time you see your nephew up there, you’ll ask him to talk to you about it in reality and ask you one question: „Do you always have dreams like this too?“

I would tell him that I would answer „Yes.“ to that question. Then we would both have certainty that it was true. Part 4: Nephew: „Do you always have dreams like this too?“ weiterlesen

Part 3: Cousins: „I don’t want it to touch me!“

(Names changed in one of the pictures)

In 1998 or 1999 I was visiting my cousin’s family with my father and his girlfriend. There was a family reunion. My uncle was also there. His daughter. We were 4 children in total. The ages of the children are estimated. I’m not 100 per sure how old everyone was.
Michelle, my cousin’s daughter was 6 or 7. Marvin, my cousin’s son was about 3-4 years old. And Mareike, my uncle’s daughter, must have been around 5-6 years old. We children all slept in the children’s room. I got the bunk bed. My younger cousins slept downstairs.

I woke up at night and watched the following scene from above. There was whispering between the two girls downstairs. It was pitch black. Only silhouettes of the children could be made out in the room and the door to the corridor was open. Michelle told Mareike there was someone standing in the hallway. „There’s someone STANDING there!“ Mareike could see no one. I couldn’t see anything in the corridor either, the corridor was even darker than the room. Marvin was also awake and sitting up straight. Michelle finally got up and went to the light switch next to the doorframe. She respectfully kept her distance from the door by standing against the wall to the right of it and stretched her arm wide to turn on the light.

Part 3: Cousins: „I don’t want it to touch me!“ weiterlesen

Part 2: Grandma: „Now you don’t have to be afraid either.“

I must have been 8 or 9 years old. Around the year 1993/1994. At that time I occasionally stayed at my grandma’s. So also this time.

It is interesting that I repressed and forgot the experience for a long time, until years later I remembered why I no longer wanted to sleep with my grandmother.

I slept on the window side in her old marriage bed. She slept on the other side. The door to the room was behind her. I lay on my back and woke up. I bucked up on my elbows to look around.
To my left I saw the light from the lanterns shining through the window. The bedroom closet was half lit. My gaze wandered to the right in the dark part of the room above my sleeping grandma. She was lying on her side with her back to me and her face toward the door. My gaze stopped at the open door. There were people standing in the door frame. Black silhouettes. Maybe it was burglars?
I tried to wake up my grandma. Only with one hand. No reaction. Then I knelt down and shook her shoulder with both hands. Whispered to her: „Grandma, there are burglars!“ She didn’t respond.
One of the shadows in the doorway broke away from the other two.
He walked into the room.

Part 2: Grandma: „Now you don’t have to be afraid either.“ weiterlesen

Part 1: Night on Sunday August 24, 1997

The encounter took place on a night from Saturday to Sunday at the end of August 1997. I was 11 years old then.

Half asleep, I heard footsteps on the carpet below. I was awakened by someone climbing the rungs of the ladder at the head of my bed. *creak-creak-creak* Three loud steps. I kept my eyes closed, just annoyed at the nighttime disturbance. I wondered what my mother wanted from me in the middle of the night. She should let me sleep on, or quickly say what she wants. I waited for her action. But nothing happened. She neither spoke to me nor climbed down from my bed. I lay on my stomach, face to the side. Unable to see what was over my head.

After what felt like half a minute, I was tired of waiting. I looked up to address my mother.

The person in front of me wasn’t my mother. It was about 10 inches away from me and staring at me. I was scared to death on the spot. My survival instinct told me that if I pretended I wasn’t there, it would go away. I played dead like an animal. The instinct paralyzed my body. Despite the fear of death, my breathing became shallow and slow. So the breathing won’t be heard and my chest won’t move. At the same time, my heartbeat became very fast. I’ve never been so scared. Never before, never after. If I hadn’t experienced it myself that night, I wouldn’t know that this is possible with people.

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Pictures of abduction experiences and alien encounters. The drawings are from our forum members, who also comment on their stories in the subtitles.

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Description by Ford: "In the following picture I tried to represent an alien as good and detailed as possible, as I remember it. I have also reproduced the skin color and the background light as accurately as possible. Often, the descriptions speak of a bright yellowish or orange light. I can confirm that. On board of flying saucers, the lighting is often bright white, sunny yellow, orange-brown (I can't describe it any better, it looks so strange) or pitch black. That's how I remember it."

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