Standing Up For The Tractor Beam

Part 1: Night on Sunday August 24, 1997

The encounter took place on a night from Saturday to Sunday at the end of August 1997. I was 11 years old then.

Half asleep, I heard footsteps on the carpet below. I was awakened by someone climbing the rungs of the ladder at the head of my bed. *creak-creak-creak* Three loud steps. I kept my eyes closed, just annoyed at the nighttime disturbance. I wondered what my mother wanted from me in the middle of the night. She should let me sleep on, or quickly say what she wants. I waited for her action. But nothing happened. She neither spoke to me nor climbed down from my bed. I lay on my stomach, face to the side. Unable to see what was over my head.

After what felt like half a minute, I was tired of waiting. I looked up to address my mother.

The person in front of me wasn’t my mother. It was about 10 inches away from me and staring at me. I was scared to death on the spot. My survival instinct told me that if I pretended I wasn’t there, it would go away. I played dead like an animal. The instinct paralyzed my body. Despite the fear of death, my breathing became shallow and slow. So the breathing won’t be heard and my chest won’t move. At the same time, my heartbeat became very fast. I’ve never been so scared. Never before, never after. If I hadn’t experienced it myself that night, I wouldn’t know that this is possible with people.

Before me stood a strange being. The head was in the shape of an inverted pear. Tapering to the chin, with large, deep black, almond-shaped eyes. They stood out and reached to the side of the head. In them I could see reflections from the light that shone behind him through the room window. He held onto the railing of my bed with long, thin fingers. He had no fingernails. His neck was long and narrow. I noticed prominent cheekbones under the eyes. The head a bit uneven. Also a little wrinkled. The eyes could be compared to those of insects, but had no facets and were smooth. Instead of the noses and ears, there were only two holes each. It had a small mouth and no real lips. In addition, the cheekbones seemed to stick out a little above the narrow chin.

I quickly realized that playing dead wouldn’t do anything. It was right in front of me. I fought the instinctive paralysis to call for help. With a lot of strength I brought a whispered “Help! Help! Mom help!” out.
I was 11 years old, a monster was standing by my bed and I was unable to move or call for my parents. I tried to reach for my reading light switch above me on the right, but my hand under the pillow found it difficult to reach for the light switch. I kept eye contact with the creature the whole time. As I slowly managed to sit up and almost reached the light switch, I heard a voice:

“You do not have to be scared.”

It makes contact. It’s peaceful. My fear of death disappeared.

“Now get off the bed.”

It was still dark in the room. I didn’t trust the creature and wanted to keep an eye on it. So I crawled backwards on all fours toward the second ladder on the left end of the bed. When I looked around while climbing down, to my shock there were two more of them in the dark room.

The creature at the head of the bed climbed down at the same time as I did and joined the others. I was afraid. I had to turn on the light.

They wanted me to go with them.
“And what if I refuse?” I asked them.
“Then we’ll take you with us.” Not nice, but crisp and clear. They communicated telepathically. I’m not sure if words were being conveyed here, or if my brain fashioned words from their message. In any case, much more information was shared in the short message. I knew immediately they would take me away under mental influence. You would control my body. I would be forced, no longer in control of myself. I didn’t want that either. I chose to do this more or less “voluntarily”.

Two of them went ahead. One was behind me. Through my room door we went in the hallway on the right. Turn right again in the kitchen. In the kitchen we passed the clock on the microwave. 1:15. We were on our way to the balcony. Questions came to mind along the way. Where do we go? am i coming back Do they torment me? What can I expect? Am I entering a spaceship?

As we walked onto the balcony, 4th floor, attic, I looked up and saw the underside of a disk shaped vehicle. It was hovering about 20-30 feet above me. I have often tried to estimate the size. I would estimate it was about 50 feet in diameter. The underside was made of anthracite-colored material reminiscent of metal or stone and seemed to be composed of large, differently shaped panels. With three large, red lights around the edge, arranged in an isosceles triangle. The air around the red-lit patches billowed as if they were hot. We had to stand in a tight circle on the balcony. I looked up. A white light opened in the center. And then a beam of light shone down on us. White, light, but with a sharp edge at the bottom. For lack of words I now call it the tractor beam.

Standing Up For The Tractor Beam

The beam moved us up like a bottomless elevator. We turned slightly clockwise so that I could see over the apartment building. Above the satellite dish. The house antenna. And above the house on the opposite side of the street that has always blocked the view of the valley. Beyond the valley on the other mountain, to the north, the lights of Wuppertal shone brightly. From east to north to west I could see lights from settlements that were usually hidden from me. To the right, east, the lights faded. Flying over your own house is a crazy memory.

By the way, I saw the lights on the horizon for the first time, and only later found out that the horizon actually looks like this at night.

chaotic's view of an alien craft

The memories on the UFO have always been vague and fragmented. There are only excerpts that I can no longer put in a clear order. That’s why I didn’t mention this part – between the pickup and the return to the apartment – in the first version. My account is fragmented from here and with less detail. I don’t know the order in which the inspection of the breeding container, the drive or the visit to the boss took place, or whether anything else happened in between that I don’t remember. The experiment was last, that’s for sure.

There was also more equipment lying around on the spaceship, but I don’t remember what it looked like.

As we moved upstairs I could see that it was light inside. Once inside, we hovered in place for a moment as this type of hatch closed beneath us. I can no longer say how it was formed. It was something like a reception room, entrance room or even a storage room. The ground floor so to speak. At the bottom. A few gray creatures stood around. The room was bright. The light came from the walls, floor and ceiling. From here there were two opposite entrances without doors. We went through one of the entrances. Behind it, a corridor led clockwise upwards. It led to the next higher deck. There were no steps or railings in the passage, it was just a way up with some incline. The surfaces such as walls, floor, ceiling were self-luminous white. Bright but not blinding. There were no corners. The transitions from wall to floor and from wall to ceiling were rounded. Like some hospitals.

Cross section of alien craft

The corridor led into a central oval space positioned in the center of the vehicle. The central room had a raised “sidewalk” at the edge. Even the edges of it were rounded. So the large area in the middle was one step lower. There was at least one metal table there. Smaller rooms were arranged around the oval room. To the edge of the spaceship. Another abductee with whom I have since exchanged views (2013) and whose ship was of a similar design described it as the onion principle. And the name fits very well. The rooms were really arranged on the principle of an onion. In general, everything seemed sterile, but organically round. In the compact side rooms, the aliens had set up their various projects. Many of the side rooms resembled laboratories. I remember lab benches, very similar to our lab benches. A flat monitor with a black border hung on the wall.

I remember smaller aliens, size 80cm to 1.10m (2ft 7in to 3ft 7in), also walking around.

Monitor in Raumschiff

(Picture from 2007)

Examination room on board of the craft

My guide, as I will call him from now on, showed me around. It may be the same being that scared me by my bedside, but I’m not sure. He was pretty much the same height as me. I was 1.44 meters at the time. He told and showed me a lot. But I only remember a few points. We stood in one of the rooms at the very edge of the ship. Smaller workers, about three feet tall, ran up and removed a panel from the wall. Behind it came two pipes. He explained to me that these tubes would extend in a ring along the edge. He also told me the purpose of the rings. Each ring creates a variable, oscillating field that interferes with the field of the other ring. The variation in oscillation leads to local differences in overlay, allowing the ship to travel through space in a controlled manner. It wasn’t electromagnetism. In this context, I remember a display with complicated formulas in our mathematics and sine curves. But I didn’t understand anything at the time. At that point I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was just curious.

I painted the display with the sine curves in a picture where it doesn’t actually belong, namely on the picture of the experiment. Contrary to my illustration below, the aliens had hands and feet.

Mechanism behind panel on the wall

He showed me several projects on board. I also remember being shown transparent containers placed horizontally on pedestals. The containers were filled with a murky, red-orange liquid. Attached to the back of the tank were black wires that went into the tank and connected to something floating in the middle of it. I couldn’t tell exactly what was in it because the liquid was so cloudy. But I knew they were incubators.

Container who likely served as an incubator

He was polite the whole time and I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was just a little irritated that they were so peaceful. And so I asked him if they wouldn’t do any experiments on me? Aliens do painful experiments. That was all I knew. It took a moment for an answer to come from him. Then he said the experiment would come later.

I think that was my only question throughout the encounter.

We entered yet another room where we met a being taller and thinner than the others. I can’t really remember what it looked like otherwise. It had a powerful aura and was clearly the boss of the ship. I knew that in that moment. I would like to leave out the following sentence, however: My alien guide and I should get on our knees. I was forbidden to look at it directly. I took a quick look anyway. But the memory is blurry.

Tall being onboard of the craft

At some point he then said to me: “So, and now we’ll do another experiment.” We came out of one of the side rooms and stood again on the raised edge of the oval room. The metal table was a few meters in front of us, 2 steps down. Surrounded by little beings. I should lay down on that metal table over there. He said, “I’ll make sure they don’t harm you.” I wasn’t scared much more than at the dentist.

I lay down on the table and the smaller beings began their work. My guide stayed on the step and watched us. They pricked my chest, stomach, and waist with long needles. I don’t know why they needed it, but it was uncomfortable and painful. Whenever the pain increased, I thought to myself, “Can I still take the pain? Yes, I can take it. Can I still take the pain? Yes, I can take it.” It hurt, but it was okay. In between I looked at the guide. He stood there and watched.

Lying on an examination table

In the end we went to a table. There was a glass of water on it. I should drink it and then I should go to bed, sleep and forget everything. They would observe whether I comply. If I didn’t go to bed, they would know they couldn’t trust me and would only take me with them under mental influence in the future.

I was gone about two hours. I remember entering the kitchen from the balcony. I did so knowing that I had just experienced something special. I walked through the kitchen, down the hall, back to my room.

Unfortunately, the beings told me that I should go to my bed to forget everything again. They would check if I was really sleeping. And I know they’re monitoring my thoughts. I do not have another choice. I have to fall asleep. However, I decide to set up a kind of mnemonic so that I can later recover all or at least some of my memories. I hope so.

I leave myself a message.

When I woke up the next morning, I actually had no memory of the event. I went to the desk to grab my clothes from the chair. There was a note on the desk that said “balloon”. The message was from me. I knew immediately that something weird had happened that night. I looked at the old helium balloon from the fair that was hanging under the ceiling. When I saw it and the alien face painted on it, I felt the fear I had experienced when the creature stood by my bed. Little by little the memory came back. Clear memories of pickup and return and badly blurred fragments in no particular order from the time in between.

I wasn’t hypnotized. The story as written here has been in my mind since I was 11 years old. The events on the spaceship were more buried than the pick up and drop off. The more I think about it, the more everything fades. Which leads me to document my story here with as many pictures as possible. The memory gets worse the more I write and draw. Other things happened in the years before and after, but they are not nearly as extensive.

Text 2006 – 2019

translation into english pictures & text in 2022

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