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Part 2: Grandma: „Now you don’t have to be afraid either.“

I must have been 8 or 9 years old. Around the year 1993/1994. At that time I occasionally stayed at my grandma’s. So also this time.

It is interesting that I repressed and forgot the experience for a long time, until years later I remembered why I no longer wanted to sleep with my grandmother.

I slept on the window side in her old marriage bed. She slept on the other side. The door to the room was behind her. I lay on my back and woke up. I bucked up on my elbows to look around.
To my left I saw the light from the lanterns shining through the window. The bedroom closet was half lit. My gaze wandered to the right in the dark part of the room above my sleeping grandma. She was lying on her side with her back to me and her face toward the door. My gaze stopped at the open door. There were people standing in the door frame. Black silhouettes. Maybe it was burglars?
I tried to wake up my grandma. Only with one hand. No reaction. Then I knelt down and shook her shoulder with both hands. Whispered to her: „Grandma, there are burglars!“ She didn’t respond.
One of the shadows in the doorway broke away from the other two.
He walked into the room.

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Part 1: Night on Sunday August 24, 1997

The encounter took place on a night from Saturday to Sunday at the end of August 1997. I was 11 years old then.

Half asleep, I heard footsteps on the carpet below. I was awakened by someone climbing the rungs of the ladder at the head of my bed. *creak-creak-creak* Three loud steps. I kept my eyes closed, just annoyed at the nighttime disturbance. I wondered what my mother wanted from me in the middle of the night. She should let me sleep on, or quickly say what she wants. I waited for her action. But nothing happened. She neither spoke to me nor climbed down from my bed. I lay on my stomach, face to the side. Unable to see what was over my head.

After what felt like half a minute, I was tired of waiting. I looked up to address my mother.

The person in front of me wasn’t my mother. It was about 10 inches away from me and staring at me. I was scared to death on the spot. My survival instinct told me that if I pretended I wasn’t there, it would go away. I played dead like an animal. The instinct paralyzed my body. Despite the fear of death, my breathing became shallow and slow. So the breathing won’t be heard and my chest won’t move. At the same time, my heartbeat became very fast. I’ve never been so scared. Never before, never after. If I hadn’t experienced it myself that night, I wouldn’t know that this is possible with people.

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stalker: My abduction experiences

Due to the amount of my abduction experiences I can only give a brief impression about the things that have happened throughout my life and still continue to do so. I hope that my testimony may be valuable to someone out there and can provide help for those who find themselves in a similar situation.

The Turning Point

At the age of 15, I have been confronted  with the „secret life“ I presumably had been leading since I was born, without my conscious mind ever noticing it. School vacation had just begun at the time of Pentecost in 1996, but I couldn’t quite enjoy my free time as a result of several nocturnal occurrences which had left me in deep confusion about their nature. I couldn’t refer to them as mere dreams as they seemed absolutely realistic to me, like they had actually taken place the during the night. One of these occurrences had a high emotional impact on me. I remember how I got up at night, following an inner compulsion to leave my bedroom. It was a very strange action because I actually did not want to leave the room; I even was afraid to do so. And yet I had to go, as if I was acting in some kind of trance, and my thinking processes had been narrowed down in some way.

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