Ufos & Being Aboard

Pictures of alien crafts and being aboard a craft, with views of the interior and the alien beings performing various tasks there. The drawings are from our abduction.de forum members, who also comment on their stories in the subtitles.

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Aliens & Entführungen

UFO Sighting Near El Paso, Late Summer 2002

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Bellatrix and her parents had an impressive sighting during a road trip: "It was about 3:00 p.m., broad daylight, as we drove down the interstate toward downtown El Paso. I was on the passenger side, looking out the window. To the right of the interstate were the San Antonio Mountains; the sky was dotted here and there with large white cumulus clouds. As I looked toward the top of the mountains, several round, silver metallic objects suddenly came out from behind a cloud. They flew quite high and very slowly. While I was still observing them in amazement, more and more of these objects came out of the cloud, until there were about 30 of them in the end. It is hard to describe what goes through your mind in this situation. You try to explain it first as something mundane and thereby come up with the most nonsensical things like, e.g. "bird swarm" (round and silver? - you don't see metallic birds every day, do you? ). For the final clarification, I then took my binoculars to take a closer look at the objects. Definitely silver-metallic, now disc-shaped objects could be seen. [...] The sighting lasted about 5 minutes, during which the objects slowly moved towards the mountains. But the most fascinating thing was their flight behavior. They moved in a kind of ordered chaos - almost like insects in a swarm. Individual objects changed flight direction abruptly and at impossible angles. No terrestrial flying object is capable of such maneuvers. I made a sketch to give you a better idea. The arrow shows the flight direction."

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